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João Luis Silva Damas

Location: Madrid, Spain

I love the Internet. I spend my days working as a Sr Researcher APNIC, co-organising ESNOG, getting stuff done as President of ISOC-ES, co-chairing the RIPE DNS WG and participating in the DNS root signing process as a TCR

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The Best Laid Plans…
The Best Laid Plans…
João Luis Silva Damas — 25 Mar 2020

For just over 10 years now, every three months, a diverse group of “Trusted Community Representatives” [1] get together in one of two data centres in the USA and follow an agreed script to sign a batch of Key Signing Requests (KSRs) provided by Verisign that, once returned with the proper signatures at the end of the process, will enable Verisign to publish the signed Internet DNS root zone to the DNS root servers for the Internet.… Read more

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