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Julien Colmonts

Student in master degree of computer science at UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium), I am currently working with Benoit Baufays on a master thesis about network measurements. Our goal is to define new kind of measurements that could be of the interest for network researchers or network operators and deploy them on top of RIPE Atlas.

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Tracebox, a Tool to Detect Middleboxes
Tracebox, a Tool to Detect Middleboxes
Julien Colmonts — 25 Feb 2015

The increasing number of middleboxes (such as firewalls, NATs, proxies, or Deep Packet Inspection) has raised concerns over the impact of such middleboxes on the network and the possibility to innovate. As a result, operators and researchers are studying the distribution and behaviour of middleboxes in large networks. In this article, we will describe a tool called Tracebox that helps in detecting middleboxes. Tracebox was developed at the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) and at university of Liège (ULg) in 2013 and funded by Change (INFSO-ICT-257422), mPlane (ICT-318627), and Bestcom IAP. We believe that adding tracebox-like capabilities to RIPE Atlas could give network operators a deeper insight into their systems and help debugging network problems.… Read more

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