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Decommissioning of Old-Style RIPEstat Data Calls

Robert Kisteleki — 10 Aug 2012
Contributors: Christian Teuschel
On Monday, 13 August, we'll decommission the deprecated RIPEstat data calls.

At the beginning of this year, RIPEstat went through an architectural change: we separated serving the data and the visualisation for all the widgets we provide. The process resulted in two APIs: the data API and the widget API . This has a number of benefits:

  • It's easier to develop new views and widgets because there's a clear interface between the two
  • It makes it easier to access the data RIPEstat provides from scripts, without having to separate visualisation elements
  • The downloadable data has a well-defined and documented format
  • Using the widget API, it's possible to embed the widgets into other web pages
Once we converted all of our widgets to use the modern APIs, the usage of the "old style API" fell drastically. We've made reasonable efforts to contact the owners of the remaining queries.
As we mentioned in a previous article , the "old style API" will soon be deprecated. The exact date is Monday, August 13, 2012 . From this day on only the "new" data API and widget API will be available. Please refer to the previous article (section "Decommission of Old-Style Data Calls") for a quick summary of what's going to change. For a full documentation on how to use the new APIs, you can refer to the  data API  and the  widget API .
If you have questions or concerns, please contact us using any of the published contact methods .


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