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Marco Schmidt

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Marco Schmidt is the RIPE NCC’s Policy Development Officer. In this role, he supports and drives the RIPE (community) Policy Development Processes (PDP), both externally and internally. He also supports the implementation of accepted policies into RIPE NCC procedures and workflow. Marco initially joined the RIPE NCC as an IP Resource Analyst (IPRA) for the Registration Services department, where he worked for five years. Within that role, he gained valuable experience in evaluating IPv4, IPv6 and Autonomous System Number requests while providing support to the RIPE NCC membership.

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Website Redesign Simplifies Policy Proposal Discussions
Website Redesign Simplifies Policy Proposal Discussions
Marco Schmidt — 22 Apr 2015

When re-designing, we paid extra attention to how we can improve the interface for the Policy Development Process (PDP). This open and transparent process determines RIPE Policies, which govern the distribution and use of nearly all Internet resources in the RIPE NCC service region. Our aim was to make it easier to review policies and proposals and encourage participation in policy discussions. This post explains these improvements in more detail. … Read more

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