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IPv6 CPE Survey - Updated (July 2010)

Mirjam Kühne — Jul 2010
As promised we publish an updated version of the IPv6 CPE survey and matrix as soon as we have additional information. Below you'll find the most up-to-date matrix, including data we received from some of the vendors in the meantime.

The latest version of the IPv6 CPE survey and matrix can always be found here: IPv6 CPE Surveys.


In early June 2010 we published the first version of the IPv6 CPE Survey results. In the meantime we have received new information from some of the vendors that were listed in the original article. We were also able to add one vendor who had previously not participated in the survey. For this particular vendor, we would be interested to hear any customer experiences so that we can verify the information. We've detailed some of the most important changes since the last update below, and the up-to-date matrix.


We added another vendor to our list: D-Link. They supplied us with loads of information, however we are lacking real customer experience. So most is set to 'claimed by vendor', which doesn't mean that it is not there or broken, we simply haven't been able to verify it's working. So if you have one the following boxes, please tell us what you think:

DIR-601 Rev.A1, DIR-615 Rev.C1/C2/E1/E2/E3/E4, DIR-652 Rev.A1, DIR-655 Rev.B1, and DIR-825 Rev.B1

These are the current supported versions; sources in D-Link indicate more are being worked on.

As far as the product is concerned, it's mostly a 'home gateway' being limited to PPPoE at the moment. Another thing to note is that although RFC 5006 has been implemented, due to lack of support in clients (Windows 7 is named explicitly), it has been pulled from the release. The feature is available upon request.

The same goes for management - as the boxes are aimed at retail, only a webGUI is offered, but TR69 and SNMP are available for specific tenders.


We added a number of features in the matrix below which where left out in the previous version and which Cisco have now confirmed are supported.


AVM has released several new builds since the last update. Most of the known issues seem to have been resolved now, especially on the firewall. Functionality is still limited as it only allows for UDP and TCP to be configured. Some minor bugs are still there related to broken connections when reconfiguring and the occasional translation error.

The most stunning new feature is that AVM now has an auto detect mode for IPv6 in which the box tries to establish a native IPv6 connection using various methods (SLAAC, DHCP). And if it all fails the machine will drop back to using 6to4. The only drawback to this scenario is that there is the possibility that a native client could end up with 6to4 if there is a temporary failure in the network.

RFC 5006 requirements have been fixed. If you have a client that supports it, it should now be able to configure itself to use the built-in resolver on the CPE.

The status of the tunnel client issues is not known at the moment. This should have improved. However, due to the holiday season we haven't been able to test and confirm these fixes. Your mileage may vary and if you happen to know more, please do write in and tell.

Many thanks to all of you out there who contributed to this article by sending in reports and pointers to more information, your help is really appreciated.

IPv6 Survey Matrix

The matrix below lists the features and various models of CPE on which we have information. The status fields can have five different values:

Unknown ( - ):

Neither the vendor nor the community can confirm the feature is present.  


Vendor or testing confirms the feature is not supported.

Claimed by vendor:

The vendor has confirmed the feature is present. However, we haven’t heard any reports from the community confirming whether it actually works and we haven’t been able to test it ourselves. 


Feedback from the community or test results indicate the feature is there but not working. 


Feedback from the community or test results indicate the feature is showing irregular behavior or is not working as expected.


Based on community feedback and testing we can confirm the feature is there and working as expected.


AVM (FRITZ!Box) Draytek Zyxel Juniper (ScreenOS) Juniper (JUNOS) Cisco D-Link
Hardware version required 7270, 7570 Vigor 2130 series, vigor 120 All models released in 2010 All All Most SOHO boxes  Most new boxes
Minimum software level required "Labor" only 2130:v1.3.0 120:v3.2.4.3 Per model, check vendor 6.1 10.2 12.4T or 15  see notes
Status Beta General deployment Beta General deployment Early deployment General deployment  General deployment

WAN layer 2  
Docsis 3.0 vendor no no no no -  -
ADSL 2+ confirmed 120 only vendor confirmed confirmed confirmed  no
VDSL confirmed no vendor no vendor -  no
Ethernet confirmed vendor vendor confirmed confirmed confirmed  vendor
FTTx - vendor vendor no no -  no
WAN Layer 3  
PPPoA confirmed no vendor no vendor confirmed  no
PPPoE confirmed confirmed vendor confirmed confirmed confirmed  vendor
RFC1483/bridge vendor no vendor no no vendor  no
RFC1483/routed - - vendor vendor vendor vendor  no
Plain IP - vendor vendor confirmed confirmed confirmed  no
WAN address acquiring  
PPP link local only (unnumbred) confirmed confirmed vendor confirmed confirmed confirmed confirmed
SLAAC confirmed vendor vendor vendor vendor confirmed  vendor
DHCPv6 IA_NA - vendor vendor vendor vendor vendor  vendor
DHCPv6 IA_PD confirmed confirmed vendor no no confirmed  vendor
Manual addressing on LAN interface no - - confirmed confirmed confirmed  -
SLAAC confirmed confirmed vendor confirmed confirmed confirmed  vendor
DHCPv6 server no vendor vendor vendor vendor vendor  vendor
DHCPv6 prefix delegation no - - - - vendor  -
Static routing towards LAN no confirmed - - - confirmed  development
Configurable buggy confirmed vendor confirmed confirmed confirmed  development
Default setting on on on on on off  off
DNS resolving  
WAN RFC5006 - no - no no -  -
WAN DHCP confirmed confirmed no - - -  -
LAN RFC5006 confirmed no - no no -  see notes
LAN DHCP confirmed - - - - -  -
Configurable no - - - - confirmed  -
6in4 - vendor vendor vendor no confirmed  vendor
6to4 confirmed no vendor vendor no vendor  vendor
Teredo - no no no no -  vendor
SIXXS - no no no no -  no
6RD - no no no no -  vendor
WebGUI buggy confirmed vendor confirmed no confirmed  vendor
Telnet no confirmed vendor confirmed confirmed confirmed  no
SSH no confirmed vendor confirmed confirmed confirmed  no
SNMP no vendor vendor vendor no confirmed  see notes
TR69 vendor vendor vendor no no -  see notes
Routing protocols no no RIP announced most most most  no


This article and the work behind has been done by Marco Hogewoning, Co-chair of the RIPE IPv6 WG. Please leave comments below or send them to labs _at_ ripe _dot_ net




Anonymous says:
03 Aug, 2010 08:04 PM
Your survey is incomplete, see
Anonymous says:
05 Aug, 2010 05:42 PM
A list will never be complete. We've contacted most major vendors about this. Some choose not to be on this list, others never replied.

We are open for suggestions who we should add, where we do favor those options who are 'off the shelf' and sold throughout the region
Anonymous says:
07 Aug, 2010 05:51 PM
You should add the wireless interface to the list. Apparently Cisco forgot to implement the *ipv6* command for the wireless interface in some IOS version. For some older versions there is a bug id: CSCeh80851.

Here is what I tested this week:

Anonymous says:
01 Sep, 2010 02:06 PM
Quick update based on feedback received from the community, this will be included in the next article.


Confirmed a bug in DHCP in older software versions and advice is to update to the latest version. Most of the other stuff (LAN/WAN, 6to4 and 6in4, SLAAC) is confirmed working.


The tunnel stuff which have been reported broken in the 7570 have been fixed in the latest version.
Anonymous says:
25 Sep, 2010 02:57 PM
In regards to D-Link, they have a private beta firmware for the DIR-615 Rev. E and DIR-825 Rev B (and following) that adds support for stateless DHCP on the WAN interface to retrieve the DNS server info and the DNS suffix options. Support for stateless DHCP on the LAN interface to hand out the same has not yet been implemented.
Anonymous says:
13 Dec, 2010 04:10 PM
The D-Link DIR-615 Rev.C1 does not support 6RD (6to4 works fine). I'm still searching for a D-Link model & rev that actually supports 6RD, none found thus far.
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