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Samih Souissi

Location: Paris - France

Samih Souissi is a Telecom ParisTech engineer and has a PhD in computer science and networks. He is specialized in IP networks and IT security. After working as a security consultant and a research engineer, he joined the French telecom regulation authority (Arcep) where he provides technical expertise in the following topics: Net Neutrality, Quality of Service, IP interconnection and IPv6. He is also involved in several expert working groups at the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (Berec).

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Accelerating the Transition to IPv6 in France
Accelerating the Transition to IPv6 in France
Samih Souissi — 09 Jan 2019

In January 2016, the French Government called upon Arcep (the French telecommunications regulator) to produce an opinion on the state of IPv6 deployment in France, inviting them to draw up a precise situation report on the deployment of IPv6 in France, to identify the difficulties and obstacles associated with this transition, to suggest a series of measures and initiatives capable of encouraging and providing support to users and businesses and, lastly, to set up an annual observatory on the IPv6 transition in France making it possible to assess the transition’s progress. … Read more

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