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Torbjorn Eklov

Location: Gävle — Main Language: sv

Co founder and owner to Interlan Gefle AB. Worked with IPv6 in 16 and DNSSEC in 10 years.

Pages created by Torbjorn Eklov

10 Years of IPv6 Stakeout!
10 Years of IPv6 Stakeout!
Torbjorn Eklov — 13 Nov 2018

In October 2008 I registered My main motivation was to encourage the municipalities in Sweden to enable IPv6 and to publicly show once it's done. Now, ten years later, I think my idea was a big mistake....… Read more

Tags: IPv6
IPv6 Address Planning in GavleNet
IPv6 Address Planning in GavleNet
Torbjorn Eklov — 02 Nov 2017

About a year ago I started to discuss with GavleNet in Sweden about how they can best deploy native IPv6 for their fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) customers. GavleNet is a city network that operates in the municipalities of Gävle and Ockelbo. In this article, I discuss how we designed GavleNet's FTTH IPv6 address space.… Read more

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