Christoph Mertens

BEREC Assessment of the IP Interconnection Ecosystem

Christoph Mertens
Contributors: Véronique Ney

Do the findings from the 2017 BEREC Report on IP-Interconnection practices still hold in 2023? Help answer the question by taking part in the BEREC IP-IC Questionnaire 2023.

BEREC is preparing a report on the IP interconnection ecosystem. This will be an update of the BEREC Report on IP-interconnection practices in the context of Net Neutrality from 2017.

Now, in this updated report, BEREC will put its conclusions from 2017 to the test while also examining the current status of - and developments in - the market since the previous report. This includes assessments of the relationships between different parties, the utilisation of paid peering and content delivery networks (CDNs). The report will cover the period from early 2017 to autumn 2023.

BEREC questionnaire on IP interconnection

To make sure the report is informed by empirical findings, BEREC has prepared a quantitative questionnaire complemented with a few qualitative questions on IP interconnection. This questionnaire was distributed by national regulatory authorities (NRAs) on behalf of BEREC to market players in their respective countries. This EU Survey online questionnaire as well as any further guidance (comprehensive “Questionnaire Instructions”) can be found here:

Take the questionnaire

Confidentiality of data

BEREC and the respective NRAs accessing data on behalf of BEREC ensure the confidentiality of the information provided and will treat the information as business secrets. Processing and analysis of the data for the purpose of drafting BEREC reports will be done by BEREC.

A public version of the report shall be published on the BEREC website and may cover statistical and aggregated information that is potentially derived from responses to this questionnaire. It must not be possible to draw any conclusions about individual companies with any publication based on the collected data.

Voluntary participation of RIPE NCC members highly appreciated

Gathering data from as wide a variety of market players as possible relating to IP interconnection would greatly help to inform the findings of this report. As such, BEREC would hugely appreciate it if RIPE NCC members would consider contributing to the data collection process by filling in this questionnaire.

Take the questionnaire

If you are willing to help, you will find guidance on filling out the questionnaire in the introduction section. BEREC would welcome any input from RIPE NCC members by 31 October 2023. Thank you in advance for contributing to the quality of the upcoming report.


Véronique Ney, Christoph Mertens
Co-chairs of the BEREC Open Internet Working Group


About the author

Christoph Mertens Based in Bonn (Germany)

Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur): since 1998. Section "Net Neutrality, Platform Monitoring and AI"; BEREC: co-chair of Open Internet Expert Working Group; Diplom-Volkswirt [economist], Univ. of Paderborn; European Master in Law & Economics, Universities of Rotterdam, Ghent, Hamburg.

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