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Hosted DNS Application Update

Expanding the RIPE NCC Authoritative DNS Service means cooperating with the community to find organisations out there willing to host AuthDNS instances on their networks. In this article, find out exactly what's required from hosts and how to apply.

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Expanding Our Authoritative DNS Cluster

We're steadily expanding the capacity of our Authoritative DNS (AuthDNS) cluster to ensure it keeps providing resilient and speedy service. Here's a look at what the cluster does and the steps we're taking towards its expansion.

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DNSSEC Signer Migration

In this article we describe the evaluation and selection of a new DNSSEC signer solution, along with a plan of how we intend to perform the migration.

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Anycasting AS197000 More Widely

This is an experiment to see if we can increase the capacity and resiliency of the RIPE NCC's authoritative DNS service (AS197000). This service hosts all the reverse DNS zones, and provides secondary service for various ccTLDs.

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The Future of DNSSEC at the RIPE NCC

DNSSEC signing solutions and products have evolved greatly since we first began signing our zones. We are now exploring ways of doing it better and smarter.

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Reverse DNS Outage for Out-of-Region Address Space

On Thursday 16 March 2017, at around 20:00 UTC, a bug in a script caused an outage for some reverse DNS delegations registered in the RIPE Database. The effects of the bug were not immediate, but began a cascading failure, that persisted until 18:00 UTC on Friday 17 March. In the following article,…

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DNSSEC Algorithm Roll-over

Rolling over the algorithm (usually to a stronger variant) used to sign a DNS zone isn't as easy as regular key roll-overs. This is because some DNSSEC validators are less forgiving than others, and fail validation unless the right combination of keys and signatures is present in a zone. This ar…

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Interesting Graph - TCP Queries on K-root

This graph shows TCP queries coming to K-root during 4 hours on 3 June 2010.

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Updated Reply-Size Tester

A new version of the reply-size tester tool is available now, incorporating feedback received since its first release.

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Testing your Resolver for DNS Reply Size Issues

Some weeks ago, we installed a reply-size tester application at the global instances of K-root. We want to make this test available to more people, in an easy-to-use way. We have therefore written a Java application for this purpose.

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