Anastasiya Pak

From Academia to Internet: Pioneers of EARN, NSFNET and RIPE

Anastasiya Pak
Contributors: Daniel Karrenberg, Dennis Jennings, Daniele Bovio

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In this episode of the RIPE Labs podcast, three Internet pioneers talk about how they helped grow the Internet out of its early infancy, back when its purpose - and much of the excitement around its development - lay in the promise of connecting researchers from around the world.

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Show notes:

00:03:22 - Daniel Karrenberg about the EUnet, the first pan-European Internet Service Provider (ISP)

00:11:18 - Dennis Jennings about his first encounter with networking and the birth EARN

00:17:40 - Daniele Bovio on the first international routing tables received via EARN and BITNET

00:22:48 - Daniel Karrenberg on Email gateways, email being the one application that worked across all networks

00:27:06 - The first transatlantic interconnection Daniel operated

00:29:18 - Dennis shares how he built NSFNET

00:32:05 - Dennis on why he decided to use TCP/IP protocol on NSFNET

00:35:39 - Daniel about the birth of RIPE and the need to coordinate IP addresses

00:41:02 - Dennis on designing the national general-purpose network of networks beyond supercomputers and its business model

00:48:29 - Daniele on EBONE, a pan-European Internet backbone

00:56:48 - Daniele on his work at America Online (AOL) and leasing transatlantic capacity

01:12:09 - EARN Panel at SEE 12

01:12:26 - the RIPE Community today

01:14:00 - Dennis Jennings shares top 3 important moments in the Internet history that he has personally overseen

01:21:00 - Daniele Bovio shares top 3 important moments in the Internet history that he has personally overseen


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