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Shavkat Sabirov: The Internet in Central Asia

Anastasiya Pak

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Although the state of the Internet in Central Asia is in some ways diverse across the region, certain shared geographical, political, and technical factors create unique challenges for local Internet communities. Ahead of the first Central Asia Peering and Interconnection Forum (CAPIF 1), we caught up with Shavkat Sabirov to talk about digitalisation in the region and the need to form a Central Asian Internet community.

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Shavkat Sabirov is President of the non-profit Association of legal entities The Internet Association of Kazakhstan. He has broad knowledge and experience in Internet Governance and Cybersecurity, the ICT field and Internet business.

Shavkat is a member of NCUC ICANN, a consultant at the OSCE and the NGO branch of the UN ECOSOC, and a host of such events as the previous Regional Meeting of the RIPE NCC in Almaty. He is also a member of the Public Council of the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a member of the ICT Committee of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken", where he acts as an expert in the security studies, digital technologies and cyberspace.

01:46 – About Central Asia

05:07 – Central Asia Country Report and digitalisation in Central Asia

09:42 – Digital gap during the COVID-19 outbreak

12:01 – The role of the government in accelerating digitalisation

13:21 – Presentation by Halil Ibrahim on how to cover remote villages with the Internet

15:37 – The Interconnected Region panel and national telecom operators

26:14 – CAPIF 1

28:57 – Deployment of IPv6 in Central Asia

33:05 – UNESCO’s Internet ROAM-X Indicators Project

Interested in the Central Asian Internet community? Read the article about the RIPE NCC Days Tashkent and register for CAPIF 1.

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