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Policy Officer at RIPE NCC, supporting the Policy Development Process (PDP) for the implementation of accepted RIPE community policies.

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RIPE NCC Anti-Abuse Support - What to Do if It Happens to You

At the RIPE NCC, we get lots of requests for assistance from people dealing with online abuse. In this article, we clarify how you can use our tools to help resolve abuse issues, but also what you can do when further steps need to be taken.

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Abuse-c Validation: Update on Progress and Some Numbers

With RIPE 78 around the corner, we want to update you on our work to validate abuse contacts in the RIPE Database.

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How we will be Following up with Invalid Abuse Contacts

This article explains our approach when a resource holder has an invalid abuse contact and does not respond to our automated emails.

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How We Will Be Validating abuse-c

At the RIPE NCC we’re busy working out a process so we can start validating approximately 70,000 abuse contact email addresses in the RIPE Database. Read on to see how we will approach this.

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