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I’m a curious person, involved in IT since 1993 and active in Internet business since 1995. Opensource enthusiast and IPv6 early adopter, I always try to use the right tool to achieve the expected result. I served as CTO for more than one ISP and managed four different Autonomous systems. Currently I am the officer in charge of Network and systems architectures at AS59715.

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• Reply to Jan Zorz on How to Run and Protect an Email Server on IPv6 by Jan Zorz

“Hey, AFAIK they don't exist as they would currently be rather ineffective. If they would exist - what would be the size of the prefix to blacklist if a spammer is observed? /64? /56? /48? Anything else? Whatever size you pick you can affect other innocent users... Should we define this? Maybe... Cheers, Jan”

Yes, we should define that, of course, bearing in mind that it's not going to produce a win-win situation. What you call "innocent users" is necessary evil, unfortunately, whatever prefix boundary will be defined. Anyway: thank you -- antonio

• On How to Run and Protect an Email Server on IPv6 by Jan Zorz

Hi Jan, just a clarification request on this sentence: "there are no IP reputation (black listing) mechanisms to protect from spam". Do you mean that they actually don't exist for IPv6 or they don't speak IPv6, or they are uneffective? Thank you -- antonio

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