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RIPE NCC Country Report: Saudi Arabia

Chris Buckridge
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The Internet may be a global network of networks, but for many stakeholders, understanding what is happening with the Internet in their own country is fundamental to helping them contribute to its development and continuous improvement.

The RIPE NCC has a range of tools that provide access to information about Internet number resource holdings, routing, connectivity, IPv6 readiness and other useful metrics for Internet development. On RIPE Labs, we have showcased many of these measurements to gain insight into specific locations, time periods or network types.

With the report linked below, we have developed a new format for RIPE NCC measurement and analytics that focuses on a specific country. Using diverse data and measurements, we provide our perspective on a country's challenges, trends and opportunities in the Internet landscape. The first country that we have examined in this way is Saudi Arabia.

This first RIPE NCC country report comes at an important moment - while the past years have been a period of strong growth in the Saudi Internet (and the Middle East more generally), trends in the global economy and business environment have many governments and business leaders concerned about challenges that could affect further growth and development.

The RIPE NCC’s intention is to develop several of these country reports in the coming 12 months for some of the countries in our service region. It is also important to note that the report is built on publicly accessible information - while we may not be able to develop such a report for each of the 76 countries in our service region, the information that the reports contain can help guide or inspire others in the RIPE community, particularly in terms of the kind of information available or the type of analysis that they may wish to do themselves.

If this report inspires you to learn more about the RIPE NCC tools used to develop it, you can learn more here:

In the meantime, we would welcome any comments or feedback on this first RIPE NCC country report. More reports in this series will be stored here.


Saudi Arabia Country Report Jan 2019

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