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I am a Computer Scientist with a soft spot for Measurement, Monitoring and Networking in general. I currently work as Software Engineer but my passion for networking has remained. I like measuring all kinds of systems in complex infrastructures and interesting use cases. I rely not only on a variety of tools available in the market but also using math analytics to go deeper checking result consistency, interpret them and make predictions. My past includes working as Load & Performance Consultant, I also did R&D for Speedchecker Ltd. measuring the Internet and writing about it. I also worked for the Universidad de Chile as an external overseas consultant and representative for their research lab NICLabs-Chile. I worked 5 years for the Fraunhofer Instute FOKUS in Berlin where I researched Intelligent systems that automatically react to DDoS attacks and flash-crowds and tested network architectures, developed experimental security software for Cisco routers and made workload/security tests. I am currenlty working in Berlin as a Senior Software Engineer at Aeria Games GmbH.

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A Practical Comparison Between RIPE Atlas and ProbeAPI

A Practical Comparison Between RIPE Atlas and ProbeAPI

15 min read

"Measuring the Internet" has become an increasingly essential practice in many different areas. The fact that we are living in an era where Cloud services and CDNs are becoming more accessible and worldwide presence is within hand's reach for practically anybody, making informed decisions through m…

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