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From 2001 to 2015 I was a developer and then the business analyst for the RIPE Database with the RIPE NCC. During this time I have been involved in every aspect of it's design and development of the software, web services and infrastructure, it's philosophy, legal, political and policy aspects, documentation, testing and future planning and specifying of new features

Proposal to Display History of Objects in the RIPE Database

Objects are created in the RIPE Database and are updated regularly by their maintainers. However, at the moment there is no mechanism to see the history of changes to an object. There are many cases where RIPE Databases users want to investigate the history of changes to an object. We would like to…

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ripe-563: Improving Abuse Contact Information in the RIPE Database

Abuse Contact Management in the RIPE Database (as defined in ripe-563) mandates the RIPE NCC to gather and publish abuse contact information for Internet resources provisioned by the RIPE NCC. In this document we outline the RIPE NCC's proposal for implementing this, along with an implementation ti…

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