Daniel Karrenberg

First version ready: Three weeks to launch!

Daniel Karrenberg

Labs is being built. We're almost ready to go. Find out about the early days of RIPE Labs


Cleaned up the site on pigeon.ripe.net today. Simon installed the layout we are going to launch with. Some minor bugs still, but it looks good. Will present the idea at  Moscow Regional Meeting tomorrow . Plan to start registering early bird users in a week's time. Aggressive but doable.


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Daniel Karrenberg Based in Western Europe, NL&DE mostly

>>>>>>>>>>>> https://www.ripe.net/about-us/press-centre/publications/speakers/daniel-karrenberg <<<<<<<<<<<< Ample information about his past sins can be found using your favourite search engine. Following are a few additional keywords you might use, arranged by decade: 1980s: GUUG EUUG EUnet unido mcvax cwi RARE iepg RIPE; 1990s: RIPE+NCC rir iana postel terena ebone centr k.root-servers.net; 2000s: dnsmon nsd ris internet+society rssac; 2010s: ripe+labs ripestat ripe+atlas

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