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RIPE Labs Presentation at Moscow Regional Meeting

Daniel Karrenberg

These are the slides Daniel Karrenberg presented - well tried to present when the laptop broke down - at the Moscow Regional Meeting. The version on offer here includes a few extras that didn't make it to the screen in Moscow.

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userfiles-image-dfk-kremstar.png These are the slides I just presented - well tried to present when the laptop broke down - at the Moscow Regional Meeting. I had the impression that people are curious about what will be on RIPE Labs. The most heared comment was skepticism about the quality of discussions in Fourms. People here seem to regard Forums as talking shops and social networks with bad signal-to-noise ratio. So we have to emphasise that the forums are just a means and that we will safeguard they quality of the discussion. I cannot wait until we can open up and discuss this with people on-line! I always stress that the whole RIPE Labs is something new we try and that we are confident it will be a good thing, but that on the other hand it needs to prove itself as all new things have to.

There are a few extra slides which I had no time to show. They are made from original e-mail messages from Moscow in 1991 which I found in my archives: the first message is from Dima Volodin of Demos describing the operation of the first Russian ISP in 1991 with names, numbers and prices! The last slide shows the beginning of a rather special message we received on August 19th 1991. It was the request to disctribute a story from the Interfax press agency. 


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