Jan Zorz

Network Operators Groups - What, Why and How?

Jan Zorz

There is a slide set I use when I want to explain what needs to be considered when setting up a local NOG. It uses the Slovenian SINOG as a use case and should prove useful if you are setting up a NOG.

This is just a set of thoughts on how to start, develop and sustain your NOG. We are giving the example of SINOG as a use case. Every NOG is different, so there is no advice that would fit all cases.

The RIPE NCC is helping NOG organisers to cooperate and collaborate. At RIPE 76 in Marseille, the RIPE NCC organised a meeting for NOG organisers. If you are a NOG organiser, please consider joining this informal gathering next time where we exchange experience and information about our NOGs and the processes around them.

Please use the slide set below with caution - it's really just meant as an initial idea on what NOGs are, why they are beneficial for the Internet community and some thoughts on how to approach them.

Network Operators Groups - slide set (by Jan Zorz)


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Jan Zorz Based in Skofja Loka, Slovenia

VP of 6connect Labs; Global NOG Alliance (GNA) co-founder and board member; SINOG chairman; SEE10 PC chairman; RIPE PC vice-chair; IPv6 consultant and long time promotor

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