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Survey on Mitigation and Response of Network Attacks

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Network-based attacks pose a strong threat to the Internet landscape. In my PhD I am investigating different approaches on attack mitigation and response. Yet, a clear understanding of how mitigation and response is performed in commercial networks is missing. Hence, this survey aims at gaining insight in real-world processes, structures and capabilities of IT companies and the computer networks they run.

This survey is conducted in context of various publicly funded research projects of the Biometrics and Internet Security Research Group da/sec .

This project has also been presented during the TERENA Networking Conference 2104 this week in Dublin. See the overview poster below (you can download the poster by clicking on the image):

TNC 2014 DDOS Poster


Results of this survey shall frame future research and community activities in the area of Internet security. This survey targets all organisations that manage their own networks. Questions within this survey address some organisational aspects, as well as processes, techniques and tools you may have employed in order to perform automatic attack mitigation and response. Completing the survey should not last longer than 10 minutes. Hence, the survey can ideally be answered during a short and relaxing coffee break. The survey is completely anonymous. We will not require you to enter any personally identifiable information, neither will we log IP addresses with your responses. Thank you very much for taking your time to support my PhD thesis and this important research.

The survey is open until 12 June 2014:

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