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Proposed Implementation for 2012-08, "Publication of Sponsoring LIR for Independent Resources"

Johan Åhlen

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The recently accepted policy proposal 2012-08, "Publication of Sponsoring LIR for Independent Resources", requires the RIPE NCC to publish an identifying link between each independent Internet number resource in the RIPE Database and the sponsoring organisation (where such a link exists). This article outlines how we propose to implement this, and asks for your feedback.

Our Proposed Approach

We propose to add a new optional attribute called "sponsoring-org:" to the object types INETNUM, INET6NUM and AUT-NUM. The attribute will be set for all independent resources automatically and its value will be a reference to an ORGANISATION object with "org-type:LIR". Users will not be able to delete or modify this attribute once it has been set. If an update is submitted without the attribute, or with a different value, the current value will be maintained by the software without reporting an error. It will not be possible to add this attribute to any other resources. 

There are two parallel tracks to the implementation of 2012-08:

First Track

The first track will be to make the necessary changes to the RIPE Database and our internal registry software. After this has been completed, the sponsoring LIR attribute will be set when:

  • A new resource is assigned via a sponsoring LIR
  • A resource is transferred from one sponsoring LIR to another
  • An LIR signs a contract with an End User to sponsor an existing resource that was not previously sponsored
If a resource is transferred from a sponsoring LIR to the infrastructure of an LIR the attribute will be removed. The attribute will also be removed if an LIR cancels the contract, until a new contract is in place.

We will also update the contracts that End Users and sponsoring LIRs sign to make it clear that this contractual link will be published from now on.

In order to make organisation IDs of LIRs more visible, the RIPE NCC will update the delegated RIPE NCC extended statistics file with the organisation ID of the legitimate holder for every published resource.

Second Track

At the same time as we are making the changes to the RIPE Database and our registry software, we will begin contacting all sponsoring LIRs to inform them that we will soon be publishing this information. We will allow them time to review their sponsoring LIR agreements and terminate their relationships with any End Users they do not want to be associated with.

When this has been completed, we will use our internal records to add the new "sponsoring-org:" attribute to existing objects where such a link exists. 

Expected Timeline

We expect the first track to be completed by the beginning of Q2 2014. 

The second track is more difficult to provide an estimate for, as this will involve contacting around 2,100 sponsoring LIRs. How long it takes to resolve each case will depend on the nature of the response. We believe this could be completed around the end of Q2 2014.

If you have any feedback or thoughts about our proposed implementation, please let us know on the RIPE NCC Services Working Group Mailing List

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Johan Åhlen Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

By the time of writing this article, Johan was the Assistant Database Manager the RIPE NCC.

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