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Juan Brenes is early stage researcher in the areas of internet routing, software defined networks (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV). For the last three years he has been a member of the METRICS ITN, which allowed him start a Phd in telematics at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid under the supervision of Marcelo Bagnulo which he continues up until now. Recently he also joined Atos where he is participating of the 5G-transformer project. Juan also has a Telematics Engineering (Bsc) degree by the Universidad de Montevideo and a Master in Telematics (Msc) degree by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, and has also performed as a software programmer and network administrator for several years.

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Power Prefixes Prioritisation for Smarter BGP Reconvergence

Power Prefixes Prioritisation for Smarter BGP Reconvergence

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Every day the Internet experiences failures that affect the reachability of certain zones (i.e prefixes), such as cities, countries, etc. Whenever such events happen, the routing information, which is the path that information must follow in order to get from one place to another, must be upda…

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