Robert Kisteleki

Filtering After Recent Chinese "BGP Hijack" Does not Affect RIPE Region

Robert Kisteleki

Related to a thread on the NANOG mailing list about "BGP hijack from 23724 -> 4134 China?", we checked if any of those prefixes originated in the RIPE NCC service region.

Yesterday a new thread was started on the NANOG mailing list with the title "BGP hijack from 23724 -> 4134 China?" -- see .

We did not (yet?) look into all the gory details of exactly what happened and why, but we did notice that several prefix lists have been generated by different people, listing the IPv4 prefixes that could be blocked. I ran a quick scan through one of the recent ones (available at ), to see if it contains any prefixes related to the RIPE region.

It seems that none   of these prefixes belong to the RIPE NCC service region, as far as we can tell, therefore there's no apparent "collateral damage" to our members.



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