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Preparing RIPE Atlas for RIPE NCC Access

Robert Kisteleki
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We're about to change RIPE Atlas to use RIPE NCC Access, a system which enables single sign on for RIPE NCC services for authentication. Some of the details are described below.

In RIPE NCC Access Now Works for RIPEstat we described how we enabled RIPE NCC Access for RIPEstat. The next step in the sequence of service migrations is to enable it for RIPE Atlas. This means that the user base of RIPE Atlas will be merged into the existing set of users in RIPE NCC Access.

As of now, RIPE Atlas has approximately 1600 registered users. If you have a RIPE NCC Access account already (for instance from the LIR Portal or RIPE Labs), you don't have to do anything. If you are logged in to RIPE NCC Access, RIPE Atlas will recognise you just like before.

For those users who don't have a RIPE NCC Access account yet, one will automatically be created during the switch and you will receive a confirmation email from the single sign on system. Once you have activated this account, you will be able to continue your work on RIPE Atlas.

We expect that there are a small number of users who already have a RIPE NCC Access account, but they are using a different email address in RIPE Atlas at the moment. For these users a second account will be created during the process. Experience from previous migrations show that the number of these kind of duplications is very low.

In order to achieve the most seamless migration, we would like to ask you to contact us at IF:

  • You already have a RIPE NCC Access single sign on account, AND
  • You have an account in RIPE Atlas registered with a different email address, AND
  • You prefer to use your current RIPE NCC Access account in RIPE Atlas after the change.

In this case we can change your current account in RIPE Atlas so that the migration does not create a separate single sign on account.

You can also go ahead and create your RIPE NCC Access account now . By doing so you can already enjoy the benefits the various RIPE NCC services provided to logged-in users; and you will have nothing to do when RIPE Atlas is migrated[1].

The migration is planned to take place in the next few weeks. We will inform you once the exact date is known.

[1] For this, while registering for RIPE NCC Access, you will have to use the same email address that you're using in RIPE Atlas now.

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