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Presenting the New RIPEstat Demo Format

Robert Kisteleki
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We are introducing a new format and numbering scheme (season and episode rather than demo number) with the first RIPEstat demo of 2012. With this change, we want to preserve what has been effective - live demos at RIPE meetings and videos of our regular demos - while replacing elements which have been less successful.

In 2011, we used a combination of live online demos and presentations at RIPE meetings to communicate changes and interact with RIPEstat users. While the sessions at the RIPE meetings were well-attended, the WebEx demos proved less popular and rarely included questions from the audience. The combination of a fixed time and technical problems made it difficult to attract remote viewers. However, we observed that the recorded videos of the demo sessions were frequently watched, indicating that there is an interest in regular demos.

The decision was made to optimise the monthly demos for on-demand viewing by pre-recording to eliminate the display 'freezing' and other technical issues which were sometimes observed in the live demo recordings. Communication with users is still important to us, and we welcome feedback in a number of ways:

We'll be posting the videos on RIPE NCC's YouTube channel , where you can find a number of videos about RIPEstat and other projects. All video releases will be accompanied by summary articles on RIPE Labs. The slides will also be published.

In addition to the regular release of pre-recorded demo videos, we intend to continue live demos at RIPE meetings.

The roadmap for the next few months is as follows:

  • 24 January 2012: release of the first video (season 2, episode 1) in the new format and report of RIPEstat Demo - s2e01 on RIPE Labs
  • 21 February 2012: release of s2e02
  • 20 March 2012: release of s2e03
  • April (between 16-20): live demo during the RIPE 64 meeting

After the RIPE meeting, we will review the demo format. If you have opinions on the new format, please share them with us. What worked? What could be improved? Let us know!

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