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Studied Communications Engineering and Computer Science at the Georg-Simon-Ohm College in Nuremberg. Myfirst encounter with IP was in 1986 with Sun Microsystems Workstations in Switzerland for Autodesk and a T1-line into the US (what a blast!). From 1990-2005, I was involved in the build-up of large parts of pan-European Internet infrastructures (ECRC, Ebone, DE-CIX, INXS, N-IX, Noris Network, and many other ISPs). Attended numerous RIPE Meetings since 1995 on a regular basis, and took over the role of Chairman for the RIPE Mbone/Multicast Working Group in 1997. Contributed to DNS-related documents and routing stability tests, have multicast experience, was involved in applications testing and he helped the RIPE NCC with RFC contributions. Inventor and Patent holder EP2621135 B1/ US 20130188478 A1. After many years of designing&building backbone networks and datacenters, I am running my own business and take care about security consulting and IP-network optimization. One very important message to all: stay at home and start enabling networks with IPv6.

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