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I've been working as stagiaire at IBM Italy as full-stack developer on a JEE business management software. In conclusion of the previous experience I succedeed in the bachelor's degree in computer science in March 2010. During the master degree studies I've been involved in a cooperation with the computer-network department chair professor Giuseppe di Battista and Massimo Candela from RIPE. I succeded the master degree in October 2017 with a thesis on computer-networks, The activity of research with the network department led me to the presentation at RIPE74 of the widget we developed (Upstream Visibility), Also, the upstream-visibility widget was also presented at VINCI2018 conference for paper pubblication. Currently i'm studing for Cisco CCNA certification and i'm hired by a company as operational profile on network and operative systems.

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Upstream Visibility: Monitor the Visibility of your Prefix

Upstream Visibility: Monitor the Visibility of your Prefix

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Upstream Visibility is the new tool produced by the Computer Network Research Group of Roma Tre in collaboration with the RIPE NCC. It is a web application which proposes a concise way of visualising interdomain routing data of a specified prefix.

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