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Some stuff I'm interested in or about me: - NLNOG Board member ( - Working with Juniper Network ( - Internet Architect with Coloclue ( - Routing, routing security (RPKI), peering, 'the good of the internet' - Quantum Internet - Writing blogs, RFCs, etc.

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• Reply to Carlos Friacas on Routing Security is Hot! by Melchior Aelmans

“Thanks for this article! People need to start publishing their ROAs. It's simple. Just jump into your LIRPortal account. Go to "Resources", then "RPKI Dashboard" and then you can easily select routes and create your ROAs. This is the basic step that will bring value to RPKI, even if you only start doing Validation on your backbone for everyone else's routes at some point in the future. An RPKI Signing Party is a great idea. Maybe this could be ran online, over some videochat platform, on a monthly basis...”

Thanks for commenting Carlos! I couldn't agree more! I'll discuss your idea about a online version as well!

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