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First Measurement Results from IPv6 Launch

Mirjam Kühne
Contributors: Emile Aben, Bert Wijnen, Robert Kisteleki, Rene Wilhelm

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Like last year during World IPv6 Day, the RIPE NCC has been doing various measurements during World IPv6 Launch on 6 June. We will publish the results in a series of articles on RIPE Labs.

As announced in Measuring World IPv6 Launch Participants from All Over the World , we monitored the behaviour of a number of networks that participated in World IPv6 Launch on 6 June 2012. For that, we looked at the full list of participating organisations as shown on the ISOC website and chose about 50 networks. We looked at 'interesting' sites and at geographic distribution. We also tried to find a good mix of networks that had IPv6 switched on already and those that didn't have IPv6 deployed at the time they registered on the ISOC website.

DNS Entries

For the selected websites we checked whether they have AAAA records registered in the DNS for their main website. This is a necessary step to enable end-users to visit the website over IPv6.

The image below shows our AAAA measurements from 1 – 11 June (you can enlarge the image by clicking on it). The green lines indicate that for most web sites AAAA records were included sometime on 6 June, others a little later. The eight websites that show blue bars in the graph, decided not to switch on IPv6 yet. These web sites are still only reachable over IPv4.

IPv6 Launch DNS Measurements Figure 1 : AAAA record announced in the DNS for 50 World IPv6 Launch participants during June 2012.

  • Blue: no AAAA records (i.e. the service is only accessed over IPv4)
  • Light green: AAAA records visible from all our vantage points.
  • White: we don't have measurement data.
  • Other blends of blue and green are shown when some but not all of our vantage points see AAAA records.

The idea behind this year’s initiative was that websites would keep IPv6 on after 6 June - contrary to last year’s World IPv6 Day. It is good to see that all websites that had IPv6 switched on during World IPv6 Launch this year, kept it on. That means, they left their AAAA in the DNS and didn't remove it like many did last year just after World IPv6 Day. This is good news and can be seen as a big success of this year’s initiative. For more information about this particular graph, please refer to the RIPE NCC's World IPv6 Launch - DNS page.

We will investigate this further and will provide other analysis here on RIPE Labs. Watch this space.

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