Mirjam Kühne

Forums and Movies - most popular content during RIPE 59

Mirjam Kühne

If you were looking at the RIPE Labs site this week, you might be interested to know that you were not the only one.

Looking at the usage statistics for the three days after the launch on 6 October we can report the following:  

There were 717 site visits of which there were 484 unique visits.

The visitors looked on average at 5   different pages and stayed around 5 minutes on the RIPE Labs site.

Initially the most popular pages were the Forum pages followed by the IP address movies. REX, the Resource Explainer was also a page visited very often followed by the article describing NetSense, the new generation Information Services.

During the week I spoke to a number of people who are interested to contribute new ideas and tools to the site. So, stay tuned: there will be new exciting content coming soon!


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