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New Feature: Easily Embed your RIPEstat Widgets in RIPE Labs Articles

Mirjam Kühne
Contributors: Adam Castle, Christian Teuschel
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It is now easier to embed a RIPEstat widget into your RIPE Labs articles. You can use RIPEstat widgets to show visualisations about IP address space, Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs), and related information for hostnames and countries.

NOTE: Unfortunately it is not possible at the moment to embed the BGPlay widget. We are working on a solution. You can still access the widget directly on RIPEstat (17 August 2017).


To do this login to RIPE Labs, navigate to your folder and create a page. You will now see that there is a RIPEstat button available in the editor.

Under any RIPEstat widget found on stat.ripe.net you can find the required embed code.

Copy and paste this widget into the popup interface provided after selecting the RIPEstat button on RIPE Labs.

Save the page, then the widget will be rendered.

Why embed a widget?

The embedding of RIPEstat widgets in RIPE Labs allows for an easy way to support your article. You can easily allow readers interact with the data and bring your story to life. You will be able to display to the user live data about your research or findings. 

Here are some examples of embedded widgets

RIPEstat widget will be rendered here


RIPEstat widget will be rendered here


All of RIPEstat widgets can be found on stat.ripe.net.

Let us know what you think about this in the comments below. If you have any feature requests then please also let us know.



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