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RIPEstat Live Demo #2

Mirjam Kühne
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This article summarises the second RIPEstat demo session that took place today, 22 February 2011.



The first demo summary can be found here . The second session was well attended. The main focus was the additional features added to RIPEstat as well as the Egyptian Internet disconnection


New Features

Features are pushed out on a regular basis. 

  • A change log has been added to record new features and bugs fixed with each release
  • A news box contains important and adhoc new features
    • In the future, this could contain automatically identified issues
  • Completely new modular architecture
    • Ajax loading for enhanced performance experience
    • Quicker plugin development time
    • Ability to easily add additional datasets and APIs
  • New modules
    • Historic prefix count
    • Spam blacklist
    • Geo-location for ASes
    • Routing consistency
  • New graph features
    • On-demand loading of historic data
    • Zooming into specified regions
  • Raw data output available for all queries
  • Basis for future development using plugin query language

Egypt Outage Monitor

Information Services quickly deployed a monitoring solution tailored to the situation in Egypt. It was refined over the course of a day to illustrate the outage and monitor it in real time.

The methodology was published along with the illustrated data, giving users a complete picture of the data.
This proved to be quite popular. A large number (10,000s) of users visited. The current page was updated with static content covering the duration of the outage.
Upon examining the anonymised public logs , we discovered that, in addition to users visiting http://stat.ripe.net/egypt , they also attempted to reach other countries using the same method, i.e., stat.ripe.net/norway.
From this we can see users want to be able to view prefix data within the context of geographical locations. This is something we will look into for future development.

Questions and Answers

Q1: Someone asked if the comments were for the service rather than the specific resources. It was aked whether there was a plan to add comments to resources.
A1: The developers responded that they would look at how comments are used and if the volume becomes too high they might add comments to resources.


As always, we invite your comments, questions and feedback on our demo and stat.ripe.net .
Send your mail to the Measurement, Analysis and Tools Working Group:  mat-wg@ripe.net ."> mat-wg@ripe.net .

You can also use one of the following channels:


The video of the demo is available from the RIPEstat page in small and large versions.

Future Demo

Our next demo is scheduled for 22 March 2011. Please check back with RIPE Labs for a link.
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