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Active in RIPE since RIPE 3 (January 1990). Served as (co-) chair of TLD and ENUM working groups when they were active. Participated in foundation of CENTR. Worked for decades in IT Services at University College Dublin; while there, was responsible (among other thiings) for several years for operation of .IE TLD. Was selected as Vice-Chair of RIPE and started 5-year term in September 2020. Works part-time at Tolerant Networks Ltd, a small campus company based at Trinity College Dublin.

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The RIPE Chair Team Reports - December 2022

In our final report for 2022, here's an update on various RIPE activities that are still very much in full swing as we come to the end of the year. And as RIPE Chair, I report back on several of the diverse and interesting events I participated in over the past month.

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The RIPE Chair Team Reports - November 2022

With RIPE 85, IETF 115, an ISOC members meeting, an ICANN webinar on Internet legislation, and many other events, November has been a busy time for the Internet community. As the RIPE Chair Team, one of our tasks is it to keep an eye on developments that are relevant to the RIPE community and to re…

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The RIPE Chair Team Reports - October 2022

RIPE 85 takes place next week! The agenda is set, parallel sessions are all lined up, and attendees are preparing for what promises to be another vibrant RIPE Meeting. In this month's report, we look at what to expect next week and what else is happening in the community.

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The RIPE Chair Team Reports - April 2022

RIPE 84 is now less than two weeks away and the RIPE Chair Team looks forward to seeing you in Berlin and online for this first full hybrid RIPE meeting. This update gives you an overview of the latest community developments, BoFs and other events scheduled for the RIPE meeting, as well as a brief …

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