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Active in RIPE since RIPE 3 (January 1990). Served as (co-) chair of TLD and ENUM working groups when they were active. Participated in foundation of CENTR. Worked for decades in IT Services at University College Dublin; while there, was responsible (among other thiings) for several years for operation of .IE TLD. Was selected as Vice-Chair of RIPE and started 5-year term in September 2020. Works part-time at Tolerant Networks Ltd, a small campus company based at Trinity College Dublin.

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• On Rolling Out the RIPE Atlas Redesign by Michela Galante

UX troubles I've encountered using Firefox on MacOS Catalina 10.15.7: - Without setting my browser to use the full screen, I can't set up a new measurement, as the OK button for confirming probe selection is outside the viewport, and horizontal scrolling seems not to be available. - In the "Mine" tab on the "Measurements" screen, two measurements are listed, as expected, but also the confusing message, "You do not have any measurements listed here. If you've never created a measurement of your own, create one now".

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