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Visualizing the Egyptian Disconnection

Richard Barnes

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In the routing graphs produced by the RIPE REX tool, we can get a different visualization of Egyptian networks falling off of the Internet, and observe some interesting phenomena.

There's been some good reporting on the Renesys and BGPmon blogs, and on RIPEstat (and elsewhere) about how Egyptian networks have disappeared from the BGP routing structure. To add one more visualisation, I called up the affected ASNs in the RIPE NCC Resource EXplainer (REX) tool, which provides nice graphs of which prefixes are advertised by an AS over time. The set of target ASNs in this little study comes from the BGPmon list of affected ASNs:

Beyond the simple disconnection -- most of the lines coming to a halt as prefixes are withdrawn -- you can observe a few interesting details. For example, there seem to have been two major waves of disconnections: Most things went down at around 16:00 UTC on 27 Jan, but a second wave followed at around 09:00 UTC on 28 Jan.  See, for example, Nile Online ( AS15475 ), LINKdotNET ( AS24863 ). Vodafone ( AS36935 ), on the other hand, took down some networks in advance of the major disconnection. The only AS that seems to have brought anything back is AS8524 (eg-auc).

Without further ado, here are the graphs themselves. They're uploaded here as static images; click on the image to go to the appropriate REX page.











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