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Preparing for Use of 32-bit ASN in a Production Network

We were assigned a 32-bit Autonomous System Number from IANA to deploy a new DNS cluster with a different routing policy.


The RIPE NCC will soon deploy a new DNS cluster to serve various reverse DNS zones. 

This cluster will be separate from the RIPE NCC network, with a different routing policy, and maybe anycast in the future. We therefore requested a new Autonomous System Number (ASN) from IANA and were assigned a 32-bit ASN according to the policy described in RIPE-463

Monitoring Visibility 

This is the first 32-bit ASN that we will use for a production service. Even though 32-bit ASNs are designed to be backwards compatible with older BGP speakers, there is a small possibility that the prefixes we announce from this ASN may not be visible to the entire Internet. 

Before we deploy any production services on this network we will monitor the visibility of our prefixes.  We will use the RIPE NCCs NetSense to determine the visibility of our prefixes. Additionally we will use DNSMON to monitor reachability of our prefixes from the entire Test Traffic Measurements (TTM) network. 

We will post the results of our investigation on RIPE Labs in a follow-up article.

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