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Travel Addict, Martial Artist, Vegetarian, Amateur Singer, MSc in Telematics Engineering, Data Scientist at APNIC.

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Internet Tools BoF Discovers Common Challenges for Network Operators

At the recent LACNIC 31 meeting, Agustin Formoso (RIPE NCC), Michela Galante (RIPE NCC) and I organised the Internet Tools BoF. Our common goal was to better understand the problems network operators struggle with and determine whether we can assist them by developing new or improved tools. We also…

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Inter-RIR Collaboration Produces new Product Prototype

The APNIC product team has combined forces with the RIPE NCC to bring more comprehensive statistical analysis to APNIC Members and the wider Asia Pacific Internet community.

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When a Vague Idea Becomes a Hackathon Challenge

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to participate in a hackathon organised by LACNIC. The event was held in Montevideo, Uruguay, which also happens to be my home town.

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Investigating the Status of Reverse DNS

On 20 and 21 April 2017, the RIPE NCC organised a DNS Measurements Hackathon in Amsterdam. I thought I would be the only one curious about reverse DNS delegations, so, to avoid being disappointed, I convinced myself that the best I could expect was to work on something I could recycle later and use…

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LACNIC Assists RPKI Deployment in Ecuador

This is an example of how LACNIC has helped with RPKI deployment and created a success story to encourage others in similar initiatives.

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