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Gabriela Rodriguez is responsible for supporting all engineering projects at Tor. She coordinates roadmaps, tracks priorities, and ensures that Tor is always thinking “user first.” Gabriela has been developing software for over 20 years working for companies and nonprofits in Uruguay, California, and internationally. Prior to joining Tor, Gabriela coordinated a program on gender and technology at Tactical Tech Collective in Latin America and before that, she was a Software Engineer at Mozilla Foundation.

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The State of IPv6 Support on the Tor Network

The team behind the Tor Project has been making good on its goal to provide improved IPv6 support on the Tor network. Here's an update!

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A Look Into the Tor Network Work on Supporting IPv6

The Tor project received support from the RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund 2019. In this article we summarise the work that the Tor project did this year to implement IPv6 support across the network.

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