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Wim Vanderbauwhede is the lead of the Low Carbon and Sustainable Computing activity at the School of Computing Science of the University of Glasgow. He received a PhD in Electrotechnical Engineering from the University of Gent, Belgium in 1996. He has been a lecturer in the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow since April 2004. His research has resulted in over 150 refereed conference and journal papers as well as several books and book chapters. His research focus on compilers and runtime systems for energy-efficient heterogenous architectures. Before returning to academic research, Prof Vanderbauwhede worked in the electronics industry as a Design Engineer and Technology R&D Engineer.

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The Climate Cost of the AI Revolution

The Climate Cost of the AI Revolution

13 min read

ChatGPT and other AI applications such as Midjourney have pushed "Artificial Intelligence" high on the hype cycle. In this article, I want to focus specifically on the energy cost of training and using applications like ChatGPT, what their widespread adoption could mean for global CO₂ emissions, an…

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