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RIPE Database Joins Single Sign-On Club
Denis Walker — 06 Mar 2014

With RIPE NCC Access, our single sign-on service - you log in once and can access many RIPE NCC services. Now, with the new RIPE Database release, you can update your data in the RIPE Database using this single sign-on service. This is part of the RIPE NCC's work to make the RIPE Database easier to use. … Read more

RIPE Atlas: Improved Probe Pages
RIPE Atlas: Improved Probe Pages
Suzanne Taylor — 28 Feb 2014

We've made it much easier to get an overview of the history and measurements for all the public probes in the RIPE Atlas network. We've also added some new functionality, such as being able to add tags to probes and mark them as "favourites". Get all the details below and then explore the new pages for yourself - and don't forget to tell us what you think.… Read more

Proposed Implementation for 2012-08, "Publication of Sponsoring LIR for Independent Resources"
Johan Åhlen — 30 Jan 2014

The recently accepted policy proposal 2012-08, "Publication of Sponsoring LIR for Independent Resources", requires the RIPE NCC to publish an identifying link between each independent Internet number resource in the RIPE Database and the sponsoring organisation (where such a link exists). This article outlines how we propose to implement this, and asks for your feedback.… Read more