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Hailing from a research background in philosophy, linguistics and computer science, I came to the RIPE NCC back in 2016 and took on my role as the RIPE Labs Editor in 2020. My job is to help keep all corners of the Internet community informed and engaged on developments and events that continue to shape the Internet as we know it. As RIPE Labs editor, I'm here to help you to get your ideas across on RIPE Labs. Whether you have questions about how to create a new article or profile, need help preparing a draft article for publication, or would just like to discuss whether your idea would be a good fit for RIPE Labs, don't hesitate to get in touch.

An Eventful Ten Years in RIPEstat

Since its inception, RIPEstat has been helping network operators and end users monitor the state of the Internet. Ten years on, we look back at some of the ways RIPEstat enabled us to get a clearer picture of how the Internet fared in the event of outages, blackouts, natural disasters, and Nyan Cat.

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A Brand New Look at the Best of RIPE Labs

RIPE Labs has just gone through a big transformation into a better, brighter, more beautiful version of itself. To help get a feel for what's changed, we take a tour through some of your favourite articles from the past year or so so you can enjoy them all over again in their fresh new setting.

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Outcome of the AFRINIC Audit

AFRINIC has completed a comprehensive audit of its WHOIS Database following the misappropriation of IPv4 resources that came to light in 2019. A full report on the outcomes of their audit is now available.

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Join Us for a RIPE NCC Open House on 10 Years of RIPE Atlas

The RIPE Atlas Open House takes place tomorrow. Here's a look at what to expect!

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A New Look at RIPE Labs

After 11 years of keeping the community up to date on all things RIPE, RIPE Labs is about to go through some big changes!

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Looking Inside Outages with RIPE Atlas

RIPE Atlas probes actively measure Internet connectivity through a variety of measurement types. In this article, we take a closer look at what probes can tell us about outages.

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Our First Glance at the Belarus Outages

On 9 August, Belarus experienced country-wide Internet outages. Here's a first glance at what our tools and datasets have to tell us about the scale of these outages and their impact.

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RIPE Atlas Software Probes

RIPE Atlas probes are now available as software, offering future hosts a new way to help build the RIPE Atlas network. While not a replacement for their hardware counterparts, software probes will improve coverage by bringing RIPE Atlas to new and previously hard-to-reach places.

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RIPE NCC Country Report: Russia

RIPE NCC Day Moscow takes place on 9 April. In conjunction with the event, which has been organised to allow network engineers and other technical staff to share their knowledge and experiences, we’d like to share with you the second in our new series of country reports.

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New RIPE Atlas Version 4 Probes

The long wait for the new RIPE Atlas probes is over. Here's a quick look at the new devices and the work that went in to getting distribution back on track.

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