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Update on K-root Expansion
Update on K-root Expansion
Romeo Zwart — 12 Nov 2015

In April this year we announced that K-root would open up for expansion to new locations. Since then we have added 17 additional K-root hosted nodes. Now is a good point in the expansion of K-root for us to provide a short update.

DNSSEC Algorithm Roll-over
Anand Buddhdev — 06 Nov 2015

Rolling over the algorithm (usually to a stronger variant) used to sign a DNS zone isn't as easy as regular key roll-overs. This is because some DNSSEC validators are less forgiving than others, and fail validation unless the right combination of keys and signatures is present in a zone. This article describes our experiences with DNSSEC algorithm roll-over. We hope that our experience will help others who may be considering doing this.

The RIPE NCC's New Look
The RIPE NCC's New Look
Miguel Bastos — 02 Nov 2015

We're pleased to announce a fresh new look for the RIPE NCC that better reflects who we are and what we do. Learn more about why we made the change and what the design process involved from the RIPE NCC's graphic designer, Miguel Bastos. We hope you'll like what you see!