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IPv6 Train the Trainer
IPv6 Train the Trainer
Nathalie Nathalie — 20 Mar 2017

Did you ever attend one of our Basic or Advanced IPv6 Training courses? There's a good chance you did. In 2016, we organised 48 face-to-face IPv6 training courses, almost one every week. Every week, we receive requests for more IPv6 training courses in our region. The demand is high and the capacity of our training team is limited.… Read more

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Uncertainty is Key
Uta Meier-Hahn — 06 Mar 2017

In order to manufacture Internet connectivity, network operators around the globe make a joint effort. As of today, they have interconnected more than 55,000 Autonomous Systems. By the measure of existence, the Internet gives evidence of a remarkable degree of decentral coordination between networkers. But this evidence is vague.… Read more