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What Can You Do with One Million RIPE Atlas Credits?
What Can You Do with One Million RIPE Atlas Credits?
Vesna Manojlovic — 12 Oct 2016

RIPE Atlas lets you make customised measurements from thousands of probes around the world. These measurements cost credits, which users usually earn by hosting or sponsoring RIPE Atlas probes - or you may have just been given a million RIPE Atlas credits as a member of one of the Regional Internet Registries. Find out how you can best spend your credits to check your services' connectivity and troubleshoot potential issues. … Read more

What Do Network Operators Sell to Each Other?
Uta Meier-Hahn — 20 Sep 2016

Comparisons rarely work. They never fit properly; they almost always lead away from the topic. And the audience‘s attention is lost in unimportant details. Therefore, writers do themselves few favours when they use comparisons as stylistic tools. I once read that in a book about speech writing (Franz, 2015). But there is one exception: the remote comparison. The further away the object of comparison, the better. The remote comparison is intended to show how absurd a situation is. The market at the core of the Internet is like a movie without a title.… Read more

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