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RIPE NCC Registration Services "Dry Run" For Last /10 Procedures
RIPE NCC Registration Services "Dry Run" For Last /10 Procedures
Andrea Cima — 23 Aug 2012

The RIPE NCC will shortly reach a point where we have approximately one month's worth of IPv4 address space (approximately /10) to distribute before we reach the last /8. Once we reach this point, several adjustments will be made to our standard procedures, so the RIPE NCC decided to do a "dry run" to ensure that the process we designed works properly and provide an opportunity to iron out any flaws.… Read more

Tags: ipv4
RIPE NCC Active Measurements of World IPv6 Launch Dataset
Bert Wijnen — 27 Jul 2012

As part of our Data Repository, the RIPE NCC has released a new dataset. This dataset contains DNS lookups (A+AAAA), ping/ping6, traceroute/traceroute6 and HTTP fetches (IPv4/IPv6) from 53 vantage points (TTM, CAIDA Ark and others) to 60 websites involved in World IPv6 Launch. The data covers the period from 2012-05-19T00:00 to 2012-06-18T00:00 (UTC). … Read more

RIPE Atlas - A Case Study of IPv6 /48 Filtering
Emile Aben — 26 Jul 2012

In this article I look at four different IPv6 destinations in different BGP set-ups and how these are seen by RIPE Atlas probes. This reveals some differences in reachability for the different networks, likely due to BGP route filtering. We see roughly 1% out of ~500 RIPE Atlas probes that can't reach a destination in an IPv6 /48 prefix (without a covering shorter prefix) out of IPv6 PA space, likely due to filtering.… Read more