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Updated Authentication for the LIR Portal
Alex Band — 06 Sep 2011

In addition to the regular method of using a username and password to log into the LIR Portal, we also offer users the option to log in with an X.509 identity certificate installed in a web browser. On Tuesday, 6 September, the RIPE NCC will deploy an update to this "Identity Certificate Login" system and at the same time implement some changes to user management.

DNSSEC Deployment Today
DNSSEC Deployment Today
Wolfgang Nagele — 30 Aug 2011

The RIPE NCC has been signing its zones since 2005. Other operators waited for the root to be signed. And signing the root zone in June 2010 clearly encouraged others to deploy DNSSEC. In this article we describe the status of those zones maintained by the RIPE NCC and give an overview of the global deployment of DNSSEC.

Comparing Certified Resources to BGP Routing
Comparing Certified Resources to BGP Routing
Alex Band — 23 Aug 2011

We have implemented a new feature in the Resource Certification Service that compares the certified resources a Local Internet Registry (LIR) holds and the Route Origin Authorisations (ROAs) they have created with the BGP announcements seen by the RIPE NCC Remote Route Collectors. It will display the validation results, and can notify the user of mismatches and potential hijacking attempts.