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IPv6 CPE Survey Results - May 2011
IPv6 CPE Survey Results - May 2011
Marco Hogewoning — 23 May 2011

A couple of months ago we announced that we were going to redo the IPv6 CPE survey. Based on your feedback, a real survey was released at the end of April 2011. So far we have received over 100 responses. We'll keep the survey open to gather more information, but for now we would like to share some initial results with you.

IPv6 RIPEness - One Year Later
IPv6 RIPEness - One Year Later
Vesna Manojlovic — 04 May 2011

A year ago we introduced IPv6 RIPEness - a system that rates IPv6 deployment of Local Internet Registries based on certain criteria. It was meant to encourage LIRs to deploy IPv6. Now, one year later, we are proud to present the progress of this project.

IPv6 CPE Survey - Please Participate
Marco Hogewoning — 27 Apr 2011

With all the feedback received after the last IPv6 CPE matrix we published, we have now developed a more detailed survey to compile the experience you have with the IPv6 capabilities of your Customer Premise Equipment. Please help other users by filling in this survey!

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