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Can You Make IPv6 Work Commercially?
Can You Make IPv6 Work Commercially?
Marco Hogewoning — 07 Jul 2016

Large scale IPv6 deployments suggest that IPv6 is at least a technical success - the technology works. Now it's time to visit the other important question: does it work commercially? Does IPv6 really come with a positive business case? We are about to find out, if you help us... (for instance by filling in the poll next to the article)… Read more

Tags: ipv6
Troubleshooting RIPE Atlas Probes: USB Sticks
Troubleshooting RIPE Atlas Probes: USB Sticks
Philip Homburg — 04 Jul 2016

Some of the third version of RIPE Atlas probes have recently had an issue with their USB sticks. We're investigating what may be causing this issue and have a possible solution, outlined below. (At the same time, we're also looking into a new hardware solution for the future.) If you've had trouble with your probe, please follow these simple steps. RIPE Atlas users everywhere will thank you for getting your probe back online - and we will, too!… Read more

Scaling the Internet of Things? Not a Problem!
Scaling the Internet of Things? Not a Problem!
Shane Kerr — 30 Jun 2016

What makes the Internet of Things (IoT) different from the Internet as we know it? Today's Internet connects people, while the Internet of Things connects... things. What are these things? In the case of IoT, it means embedded computer chips that are attached to some physical device with networking capability.… Read more

Tags: BGP IoT dns ipv6
Open Season
Geoff Huston — 29 Jun 2016

In June 2016, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) hosted a meeting of ministers to consider the state of the Digital Economy. The central message from this meeting was the message that: “Governments must act faster to help people and firms to make greater use of the Internet and remove regulatory barriers to digital innovation or else risk missing out on the potentially huge economic and social benefits of the digital economy.” All well and good, and as a piece of rhetoric, it seems to strike an appropriately positive note without straying far from what appears to be bland truisms of our time.… Read more

Tags: policy