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Researching F-root Anycast Placement Using RIPE Atlas
Researching F-root Anycast Placement Using RIPE Atlas
Ray Bellis — 14 Oct 2015

In order to expand the reach of F-root, one of the 13 root servers, we at ISC looked at where queries to our F-root servers are coming from and where it would make most sense to place new nodes. As a first step, we looked at the existing nodes to see how they behave and if there is anything we can improve. We used RIPE Atlas to do this.

A Tale of BGP Collectors and Customer Cones
Emile Aben — 05 Oct 2015

When operators and researchers use data from BGP route collectors such as RIS and Route Views, it's not easy to tell if a path announced to a collector is an ISP's customer cone, an internal route, or one learned from peering or transit. In this post we look at what information we can currently get from BGP communities in RIS.

Join the RIPE Atlas Tools Hackathon
Join the RIPE Atlas Tools Hackathon
Vesna Manojlovic — 29 Sep 2015

The RIPE Atlas tools hackathon is an opportunity for network operators to work together with RIPE Atlas developers and other enthusiastic coders and hackers. The goal is to improve or come up with entirely new tools for using RIPE Atlas data to monitor networks and troubleshoot issues. The hackathon will take place from 14-15 November in Bucharest ahead of the RIPE 71 Meeting. Find out how you can take part!

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