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WSIS+10: What Was All The Fuss About?
Chris Buckridge — 11 Jan 2016

So the WSIS+10 (the United Nations General Assembly’s ten-year review of the World Summit on the Information Society) is done. A process that has been the source of much fretting in Internet governance circles over the past few years has delivered its outcome. And the result? Actually it’s pretty good.

Christmas Gift Idea: Some IPv6 Experience
Christmas Gift Idea: Some IPv6 Experience
Marco Hogewoning — 14 Dec 2015

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and this year is coming to a close, another one done and another one that seen some great and wonderful and also unfortunately some sad moments. One of those key moments was the depletion of the IPv4 pool in the ARIN region, which for some probably means the sad realisation that their business models will hit a growth barrier.

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