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IPv4 Address Allocation Rates
Robert Kisteleki — 04 Mar 2010

On 30 January 2010 the RIR system reached a small milestone: on this day APNIC has surpassed the RIPE NCC in terms of total allocated/assigned IPv4 address space, as seen in the RIR stats files. On this occasion we decided to look a bit into how IPv4 allocation/assignment rates changed over the last couple of years.… Read more

Measuring DNS Transfer Sizes - First Results
Daniel Karrenberg — 04 Feb 2010

Here are the first results of our DNS transfer size measurements. We are interested to determine any possible problems for users of K-root once it starts giving DNSSEC responses to resolvers that request them. DNSSEC responses are significantly larger than current responses. We are interested to learn if these larger responses would reach the resolvers. … Read more