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RIPE Atlas Roadmap: August 2012 Update

Vesna Manojlovic — 08 Aug 2012
While developing RIPE Atlas, we wish to keep the RIPE community involved and informed. We are maintaining a roadmap of the features we are working on, and with this update we are asking for feedback so that we can use it as guidance for making further plans.

The format of this RIPE Atlas roadmap update is short and sweet: a bulleted list, with pointers to more information, for the features already implemented. The further in the future the plans go, the less specific they become.The most important parts are: getting the plans across, so that you can tell us what you think about them, and the questions that we would like to get answers to.

For now, we are planning to publish these updates monthly in various formats and incorporate your answers and any other feedback manually and personally by Community Builder(s).

We are also looking into more interactive and direct ways to include the community input into the priorities of tasks of the developers. Your ideas and needs about the process are also welcome.

Probe in Montana, 11

RIPE Atlas probe in Montana, USA; photo credit: Ann Barcomb

Current Status

1,750 RIPE Atlas probes are up and running

  • Waiting time for new probes is less than a week

Data collected about built-in measurements is available to everyone

  • In the form of maps, public probes data and API to download latest data

The application procedure for hosting the RIPE Atlas probe made easier

Current RIPE Atlas hosts can perform more User Defined Measurements ( UDM ) than few months ago

Next Month

Users can get more flavours of customised measurements: DNS and SSL

  • New wizard for two new types of measurements, currently beta-tested

Making it possible to download measurements results without having to be logged in

  • By deploying and enabling API Keys , since the "heavy" users asked for it

Making it easier to follow the rate of deployment of RIPE Atlas probes over time

  • By updating the graphs that show the distribution and status of probes

RIPE Atlas hosts and sponsors can meet developers during RIPE 65 in Amsterdam

  • Exchange experiences, give feedback and requirements
  • Help our developers adjust their priorities if necessary

Q4 2012 Plans

Installing RIPE Atlas Anchors as new targets for predefined measurements

  • This will offer greater topological diversity for built-in measurements
  • RIPE Atlas Anchors will also become powerful probes, capable of performing more measurements than small probes

In order to remind you if the probe is not plugged in or if it is down

  • We will add more automatic email notifications of events

We will create Internet traffic maps based on RIPE Atlas data

  • Maps will illustrate the health (e.g. reachability) of measured networks

2013 Plans

  • Migrating DNSmon functionality to RIPE Atlas and RIPE Atlas Anchors
  • Representing RIPE Atlas data in RIPEstat
  • Expanding RIPE Atlas with 4,000 more probes

... and many more features, based on your feedback!

Probe in Montana, 66

RIPE Atlas probe in Montana, USA; photo credit: Ann Barcomb

Questions For You

  • About the current functionality: what do you want us to improve?
  • About additions that we are working on for the next release ( within a month ): what are the most-wanted features for each one of them?
  • And finally, from the less-specific planned functionalities that we will work on three-to-six months from now:
    • What do you find most important?
    • Which one(s) should we give priority to?

Direct Feedback

If you'd like to give us any other input or if you want to talk with us, you can get in touch with us via:

  • The RIPE Atlas mailing list for active users: < ripe-atlas _at_ ripe _dot_ net >
  • Measurement, Analysis and Tools Working Group mailing list: < mat-wg _at_ ripe _dot_ net >
  • The RIPE NCC Services Working Group mailing list: < ncc-services-wg _at_ ripe _dot_ net >
  • Our RIPE Atlas ticket queue: < atlas _at_ ripe _dot_ net >
  • On Twitter: to @Ms_Measurements (use #RIPEAtlas)
  • In person at RIPE 65 (stop by the RIPE NCC Info Hub)

We also follow other network operators lists and events.

For more information:


Shane Kerr says:
09 Aug, 2012 03:02 PM
Is DNS going to be UDP only, or also TCP? Also, will DNS work in ways that help confirm DNSSEC functionality, such as larger packet sizes and EDNS0 support?
Philip Homburg says:
10 Aug, 2012 10:42 AM
Yes, both TCP (in addition to UDP of course) and EDNS0 with UI support for pack sizes, DO flag, etc. are supported.
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