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Vesna Manojlovic is Community Builder at RIPE NCC. Vesna joined the RIPE NCC as a Trainer in 1999. In 2003, she took responsibility for developing and delivering advanced courses, such as RPSL, Routing Registry, DNSSEC and IPv6. In 2008, she lead efforts to establish IPv6 RIPEness as a measure of IPv6 deployment among LIRs. In 2011, she joined the Science Division as Manager of the Measurements Community Building team; in 2015 she moved to Communications Department as Senior Community Builder, with a focus on organising hackathons. Vesna gives presentations at many technical conferences and workshops, and enjoys visiting hackerspaces. Vesna received a Batchelor of Sciences Degree in Computer Science and Informatics from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. She has three children.

Connected to Port 53 - A Report from the DNS Hackathon 2023

DNS Hackathon took place during the weekend before RIPE 86 in Rotterdam. Co-hosted by DNS-OARC, Netnod and the RIPE NCC, it included 46 "hackers" who worked on 6 projects, had a lot of fun and many stroopwafels. Read about the results, and join us next time!

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A Plea for Climate Justice - Report from the IAB Workshop on e-Impact

Here is an urgent plea from network operators, academic researchers and activists: we must decrease energy consumption and materials usage in Internet operations, governance, and standardisation. This is our only hope if we're to adapt to the current climate crisis and prevent catastrophic conseque…

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Towards Climate Justice in Tech

Here is a summary of four green tech events I’ve attended this autumn: SIGCAS, SDIA, B&B, CJxDR. Find out what process lead me to "Three Principles of Sustainable Tech Governance: Limitations, Reparations, Solidarity". At the end, there is a long list of upcoming events for you to join and contribu…

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Building Bridges Between Diverse Communities at RIPE 85

In this article, I would like to encourage a diverse set of RIPE-adjacent communities to take part in RIPE 85. Please share and enjoy the grants, education, and inclusivity support provided and make use of opportunities to cross-connect your community to RIPE.

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Computing Within Limits 2022 Event Wrap

Environmental sustainability is a hugely worrisome topic for the Internet industry - and as a Community Builder for the RIPE community, I find it important to engage with the academics and activists who both share our concerns and can contribute in our governance processes. Here is a look back to t…

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The History of the Yugoslavian Internet Live at SEE 10

At the upcoming SEE 10 regional meeting in Ljubljana, a unique event will be taking place. A group of Internet pioneers from a country that is no more will be sitting together for the first time to talk about their memories of the early days of networking in Balkans! Consider this your invitation t…

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Green Tech 2021 Compilation

Looking back at 2021, we can see a lot of much-welcome focus on Environmental Sustainability in RIPE-adjacent communities. Here we cover a select set of relevant publications along with recommendations on how to bring these topics closer to the RIPE community in 2022.

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