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IPv6 RIPEness - The List of 4-star LIRs

Emile Aben — 16 Nov 2010
Following up from the IPv6 RIPEness graphs we published earlier, those Local Internet Registries (LIRs) that fulfill all 4 IPv6 RIPEness criteria are now listed on the RIPE NCC web site.

After we initially started publishing IPv6 RIPEness information (as described in IPv6 RIPEness Update and Methodology ), we mentioned we would like to publish the list of '4-star LIRs'. After consulting with many of these LIRs we are now making the list of LIRs with 4-star IPv6 RIPEness publicly available:

This page is modeled after membership lists that were already published on before.

To obtain this 4-star status an LIR has to:

  1. Get IPv6 address space from the RIPE NCC
  2. Have the address space visible in global routing
  3. Register a 'route6' object for this address space in the RIPE Database
  4. Have reverse DNS for this address space set up

For more information on the IPv6 RIPEness study, please see a list of all previously published articles and statistics related to that topic:

We hope that publishing this list, will provide an extra incentive for LIRs that have not taken steps to deploy IPv6 in their networks.


Anonymous says:
16 Nov, 2010 06:39 PM
Now somebody please write a mashup that overlays the starred LIRs on the totality of LIRs (the "All LIRs offering services in..." link) in a country as a background.

What I noticed when trying to do this comparison by hand (eyeball) for a few countries: The Large and Extra Large LIRs seem to be underrepresented in the 4-star category. Probably that is to be expected - smaller and more agile ISPs trying to differentiate themselves by being more IPv6-ready. Let's hope this pays off and eventually "trickles up".
Anonymous says:
16 Nov, 2010 07:15 PM
Hi Simon,

thanks for your comment. If you want up-to-date stats on a per-country basis we do have pie-charts for all countries in the RIPE region:
Anonymous says:
17 Nov, 2010 11:30 AM
Hi Simon,

it is indeed interesting that you would make such a conclusion...

In fact, the Large & Extra Large LIR categories are, in *relative* terms, leading in the "IPv6 Ripeness" rating: see the first graph in this article:[…]/

Only in _absolute_ terms it looks like there are much fewer of L&XL members, since there is, in fact, much fewer of those operating in every country.

Thank you for your comments,
Anonymous says:
16 Nov, 2010 07:27 PM
We got some private comments on the update frequency on the RIPEness stats. We planned to update them weekly, but since people want to see if they reached '4-star' status as soon as possible we are now updating this daily. This daily run will produce the stats from the day before, so once you have reached '4-star' status you should see that the next day.
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